TBP Out of Afrika 100g

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Africa, the dark continent – like no other part of the world, it unites mysticism and modern spirit, a plethora of cultures and different ways of living, but also poverty and misery. Wars, hunger, and corruption define this continent just as much as scenic beauty, lush vegetation and pride. “Out of Africa“ Ready Rubbed Flake interprets this great diversity through tremendous varieties in taste, ranging from fruity dry to lively and sweet. Strong-flavored Burley grades along with dark, pressed Virginia and a hint of Perique form the basis of the subtle though seductive flavor which makes this Broken Flake something special. “Out of Africa“ is an interesting and complex homage to this part on earth and to friends of the finest quality tobacco blends. …the small stars are always shining when the big sun sets. (Senegalese proverb)

Nicotine: 3 

Aromatisation: Hibiscus

Flavor: 2 (Aromatisation)

Chart: 1 (light) to 6 (strong)

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